How to set up a manual WireGuard connection on Android using the Surfshark app

In this article, you will learn how to set up a manual WireGuard connection on your Android device.


Here are the steps we will go through:



Generate the key pair / download configuration files


Note: it is important that you generate the key pair before doing anything else, otherwise the connection might not be successful.


  1. First, open this page, click on Desktop or mobile, and select Wireguard.


  2. In the next window, select I don't have a key pair.

  3. Once the key has been generated, select Choose a location.


  4. Lastly, choose a location you would like to set up, and hit the download button next to the location.



Set up a manual connection


  1. Open the Surfshark application on your Android device. On the login page you will see an option to connect manually, click on it.

  2. In the Protocol section, select the WireGuard option.

  3. You will be directed into the files section of your device, where you will have to find the downloaded configuration file. Usually it is located in the .config folder. Once you've found the configuration file, select it.


  4. If everything is done right, you will see all of the fields pre-filled. Now you only need to click Connect.


  5. Congratulations! You've connected. If you wish to disconnect from the VPN, click the Disconnect button.



Congratulations! Now you know how to set up a manual connection on your Android device using the WireGuard protocol.


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