How to use Surfshark Search

In this article, you will learn what Surfshark Search is, its advantages, and how to use it.

To use Surfshark Search, make sure to have an active Surfshark ONE subscription, which you can purchase on our pricing page.

Here's what we will be looking into:

  1. What is Surfshark Search?
  2. What are the advantages of Surfshark Search?
  3. How to use Surfshark Search?

What is Surfshark Search?

Surfshark Search is an organic search engine that provides a safe and private search on the web. It has no ads or trackers and doesn't keep logs of your browsing activities.


What are the advantages of the Surfshark Search?

Surfshark Search offers the following benefits:

  • Completely ad-free;
  • Results displayed in the Surfshark Search are all organic yet relevant. That means result ranking will not be your search history, location, or preferences;
  • Search doesn't keep any logs of your activity and is the real Incognito mode for searches you don't want anyone to see;
  • With Search, you can sort trending results by country, while the usual search engines usually show you only your country's trending results;

How to use Surfshark Search?

  1.  Open your Surfshark app and click on Search. On Android, it is under the Products tab. On iOS, it can be found in the One tab.

  2. Go to the Search tab and start typing in your queries.

  3. You can access Search directly via a browser. You can also access Search via the dashboard by clicking Search on the left side.

Also, if you are interested, we have a guide on how to set Surfshark Search as your default search engine.

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