How to use Alternative Number

In this article, you will learn how to use your Alternative Number and how to edit it.

To proceed, you will need an active Surfshark VPN subscription and an Alternative Number subscription. Visit our pricing page to purchase a Surfshark subscription.

We will cover the following:

  1. Managing messages and calls
  2. Change or pause your Alternative Number


Managing your messages and calls


  1. Open the Surfshark app on your mobile device, enter the Alt ID tab, and tap on Phone at the top. Here, you will find any text messages sent to your Alternative Number.

  2. By tapping on a number or name, you can see all the messages sent by it.

  3. You can add a number to your phone's contact list by tapping on Add contact at the top right.

    This way, you can customize the sender.

    Once configured, you will see a name of your choice instead of a number in the message list.

  4. To Delete a sender, tap and hold on it. 

    Tap on Delete to finish the process.

  5. To delete or copy an individual message, tap on a sender of your choice. Then, tap and hold a message of your choice.

  6. By pressing the highlighted icon, you can copy your Alternative Number.

  7. When you receive a phone call to your Alternative Number, you will see a screen like so.

Change or pause your Alternative Number


  1. Enter Surfshark's dashboard and tap on Alternative ID. Here, you will find the options to Pause or Change your Alternative Number.

    We will cover Changing the number first. To do so, tap on Change number.

    NOTE: You can change your Alternative number once per month.

  2. Changing your Alternative Number deletes your old one, meaning that you will no longer be able to receive any messages to it. To proceed, tick the box in the pop-up and press Confirm.

  3. When finished, you will see that you are unable to change it again for another 30 days.

  4. To Pause your Alternative Number, tap on Pause.

  5. Once you pause your Alternative Number, you will not be able to receive any messages and they will be unrecoverable. To proceed, press Pause on the pop-up.

  6. To reactivate your Alternative Number, press Reactivate in the main dashboard page.


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