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Does Surfshark support IPv6? Do I have it on my network?


If you’re not sure what is IPv6 exactly, feel free to read more about it here.

At the moment Surfshark does not support the IPv6 protocol. Having IPv6 enabled on your network might make it complicated to connect to our servers in some situations. Since IPv6 is not widely used so far, you will not notice any difference in your daily activities if you turn it off. 


At first, you can check if you actually have the IPv6 enabled on your network.


The quickest way to see if your network has the IPv6 enabled is to go to the ipleak.net website. Make sure that you are not connected to any VPN when you do this test because VPN will hide all Ipv6 requests.


As you open the main page there, you will notice your IP address is detected at the top of the page:


On the right side, you can notice a message saying “IPv6 test is not reachable”. That means the IPv6 is not enabled on your network.


If you can see a second or even third IP address and no message “IPv6 test is not reachable”, most likely you have the IPv6 enabled on the network.




If you have noticed that IPv6 is active on your network, you will find tutorials for different devices in our Help Center on how to turn it off.

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