How to make sure if Surfshark VPN is working

In this article, you will learn how to make sure that your Surfshark VPN connection is working properly.


You will learn how to:

  1. Find the connection status in the app
  2. Do an IP leak test
  3. Do a DNS leak test


Find the connection status in the app


Connect to Surfshark VPN. The home screen of your Surfshark app is the first indication that a VPN connection is successful. If it says Connected and safe, your internet connection is protected.

Here you can also see the protocol in use, your connection time and IP address.


IP leak test

Open the Surfshark IP leak test page to perform an IP leak test.

It should show the IP address of a Surfshark server that you have connected to. Also, you will see a message that you are protected, and Your IP address is secured by Surfshark.


DNS leak test

Switch to Surfshark DNS leak test page to do the DNS leak test.

Similar to the IP test, the DNS test should show only one DNS server address from the same location. You will also see a notification saying Protected.




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