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How to get started?

So you have successfully purchased the subscription of Surfshark VPN service? Great!

Now if you're not sure how to get started, continue reading this article.

If you haven't purchased the subscription yet, you can quickly do that here: https://order.surfshark.com. It is worth to mention, that you will not be able to use the  Surfshark VPN without having a valid subscription.

Once you have the subscription in place, you will need to install the Surfshark application. Surfshark VPN is a software that you need to install on your device in order to get any use from it. 


Surfshark apps

The most common and recommended way to use Surfshark VPN is to install the Surfshark app on all of your devices that you wish to use with a VPN. If you install the Surfshark VPN app on your phone, computer or another device, there is nothing else you need to install in order to use our VPN.

Choose your device below and click on the link - it will lead you to the specific tutorial for your device.









Surfshark browser extensions

Surfshark also has an option to be used on your browser only.  For this purpose, you can install the Surfshark browser extension (add-on) to your browser and it will cover all activities on your browser. It can be installed within a minute and the Surfshark icon will appear in the corner of your browser.

You can install both - Surfshark desktop app and the browser extension, but we do not recommend using both at the same time.

Surfshark has an extension for:

Google Chrome (the same extension will work on Brave and Opera browsers);

Mozilla Firefox (made for Mozilla Firefox, but works on many other Gecko-based browsers).


Surfshark on routers

An alternative way of using Surfshark VPN is to set up the VPN on your router.

This way all of your devices connected to this router will be covered by VPN. Unfortunately, not all routers have this functionality, also this way you would lose the most of features that are available on the Surfshark app.

Tutorials for the majority of supported routers can be found here.


Smart DNS

Some devices do not have the VPN functionality, therefore the VPN app can not be installed.

Such devices are Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation or Smart TVs. In this case, you might try configuring the VPN on your router as suggested above or try the Surfshark Smart DNS feature.

This feature will allow you to enjoy many streaming services of the US region, e.g. US Netflix, Disney+ and others.

In order to use Smart DNS, you will need to activate it at first on our website, then enter DNS servers addresses to your TV or Console settings. 

You will find our tutorials on how to use Smart DNS on various devices here



If you have some devices that are not mentioned here, feel free to take a look at our Help Center for other tutorials or contact our Customer Success Sharks - they will help you out. 





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