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How to set up Surfshark on Android

Setting up Surfshark on your Android is easy as 1-2-3!

You just need an Android device running OS 5.0 or later and an active Surfshark subscription.

  1.  Begin by finding the Play Store app on your device and opening it.


  2. Type Surfshark into the search bar and choose the first result that appears on the list.


  3. The Surfshark VPN app page will open. Click Install and wait until the installation is complete.


  4. One the installation is complete, go back to the home screen of your phone. 

    You will find the Surfshark VPN app there. Open it.


  5. If you have purchased your Surfshark VPN subscription already, log in as an Existing user.

    If you do not have the subscription yet, you can sign up for a 7-days free trial.


  6. Enter your email address and password. 

    Click Log in.


  7.  You will see the home page of your Surfshark app. It shows you the VPN connection status.

    All you need to do is to connect to our servers. You can do that by clicking the blue Connect button. It will connect you to the default location.

    You can choose between the nearest or the fastest server as your default location (server).


  8. Once you click the connect button you will be asked to allow Surfshark VPN to set up a VPN connection.

    That is a standard procedure in order to enable Surfshark to manage the VPN tunnel.

    Click OK.


  9. Once you connect to the VPN, you will see the connection status on the main screen.

    Also, you may notice a Surfshark logo and an icon of a key at the top of your screen. That indicates you're still connected to the Surfshark VPN.

    In order to disconnect from the VPN, click the Disconnect button.


  10. You can also choose your preferred location (server) to connect to.

    Go to the Locations section on your Surfshark app and pick any location.


  11. You will also find the Features and Settings sections on your Surfshark app. 

    You may find more information about all the Features and Settings of Surfshark in this article.

If you have any troubles setting up the app or connecting to a server, feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks anytime. You can do that by clicking Live chat or Submit a request buttons at the bottom of this page.

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