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How to set up Surfshark for Amazon FireStick

If you want to achieve that overall security online and maximize your Fire TV’s potential, set up Surfshark VPN now. Here's a guide that will cover some simple steps to install and connect Surfshark VPN application on your Fire TV. Keep in mind that first-generation Amazon Firestick does not support the VPN connection.

Follow the steps below:

1. Click on the homepage of your Fire TV and navigate to the search bar.  

2. Then type "Surfshark" as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Next, you will see Surfshark icon in the search results. Just click on it and proceed to the next step.

4. At the lower part of the screen, you’ll see a “Download button. Click on it to start downloading the application on to your FireStick device.

5. Once the installation is finished, you will see a small notification at the right bottom of the screen saying we’re ready to launch. You can either click on "Open" or Burger menu symbol on your remote to launch the application.

6. Enter your registered email address and password in the given fields.

7. Now just select a server you wish to connect to or use the quick connect feature which will choose the best one for you.

8. When connecting to the VPN server for the first time, accept the connection request in the pop-up window. This will allow Surfshark application to manage your network through the VPN tunnel.

9. Now the app will connect to the preferred or the quick connect location, and you will see a screen like this:

And it's as simple as that! You can now surf the open waters of the internet securely. 


In the application settings you will see:

See the account email address;

Your current subscription plan;

App version;

CleanWeb™ feature which disables ads, trackers, and malware attempts on the website you visit;

Auto-connect feature- to start the connection upon booting the Fire TV;

Crash tracking and Analytics that will help Surfshark team react to any bugs fast. You have total control over that option.

 If you are having some technical issues with our app on the FIrestick, try sideloading the Surfshark app. Follow this tutorial to see how that can be done.

Also, feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks anytime and they will help you out!


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