How to activate Surfshark Smart DNS

In this tutorial, you will learn how to activate Smart DNS for your account. It is important to remember that after activating Smart DNS, you should also apply it to your device(s).

An active Surfshark VPN subscription is all you need to follow along – the Smart DNS feature is included in the price. To purchase one, visit our pricing page.

Keep in mind that Smart DNS will only provide you with a US-based IP address


To activate Surfshark Smart DNS, do the following:

  1. First of all, open the Surfshark Smart DNS page. You may need to log in to proceed to this page. For that, enter your registered email address, then your password, and click Log In. Once you're there, click the Activate Smart DNS button.

  2. The Surfshark website will automatically detect your IP address. Make sure you are disconnected from the VPN because Smart DNS must be activated for your real IP address. Click Activate Smart DNS to verify the activation.

  3. A few moments later, you will see your generated Smart DNS addresses. 

  4. Smart DNS can only be activated for one IP address. In other words, if you activate Smart DNS while being at work (office network IP address), you will not be able to use Smart DNS at home (home network IP address).

    If you accidentally activated Smart DNS for a wrong IP address, or your IP address has changed, navigate to the Surfshark Smart DNS page again and click the Change IP button. This way, you will re-activate Smart DNS for your current IP address.

  5. Once you activate Smart DNS on your account, you can set it up on your device(s). Feel free to take a look at the TVs & Consoles section on our Help Center, where we have tutorials for the most popular Smart TVs.


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