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How does Smart DNS work?

Do you have some device that you wish to use for various streaming services, but that device is not compatible with VPN?

Many devices such as Xbox, Playstation, Smart TVs and some others, do not have a VPN functionality, therefore the Surfshark VPN app can not be installed directly. 

That is the reason why we have implemented Smart DNS. This feature will help you to unlock the geo-restricted content of the US region (US Netflix, Disney+, US Hulu, etc.)

Here are the main things you may want to know about the Smart DNS feature:

  • As the name suggests, this feature works by changing the DNS servers on your device from your local ones to our DNS servers based in the US.

    Why that should help you to unlock the US streaming services? 

    That's because most apps on Smart TVs, gaming consoles and similar devices rely on DNS inquiries. If your DNS show the US, Netflix, Disney+ and other apps will see you as coming from the US.

  • It does not change your IP address. As the name suggests, this feature only changes your DNS addresses.

  • It does not encrypt your data. Therefore, Smart DNS can be used for streaming, but not for security purposes.

  • Smart DNS does not unlock everything. There might be some less commonly used apps or websites that will not be unlocked with Smart DNS.

  • At the moment, Smart DNS will only unlock Streaming services of the US regions. However, we have plans to add new Smart DNS servers in other countries in the future.

  • If the Surfshark VPN app can be installed on your specific device, you do not need to use Smart DNS. The Surfshark VPN app will offer you more functionality on any device.

We have tutorials on how to set up Smart DNS on various devices here: https://support.surfshark.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003385213-Smart-DNS

If you have any further questions regarding Smart DNS, feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks anytime and they will help you out!

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