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How to set up Surfshark Shadowsocks protocol on MacOS

This guide will cover the basic steps of configuring the Shadowsocks manual connection with Surfshark on your MacOS device. Lets get started! 


  1.  Visit this page and download MacOS shadowsocks client:

  2.  Extract the zip file and you should see a file like in the screenshot below: Double-click it to run it.

  3.  Now shadowsocks icon should appear in the toolbar above, click on it and go to Servers -> Server Preferences... :

  4.  Click a Plus sign to add a new server: 

  5.  Now, after you have done these steps, please visit our website and log in to your account.  You can find the link here.
  6. Go to the Devices section.mceclip4.png

    Scroll down to the Shadowsocks selection. 


  7. If you have not enable Shadowsocks for your account, you will have to do so by pressing Enable Shadowsocks button. 

    Now simply copy paste the Port and the password in to the Shadowsocks client on your MacOS. 

  8. Make sure that the Encryption is selected as aes-256-gcm


  9. Now, select a server of your choice from our page and get its IP address. To do so, you have to copy the server domain like in the screenshot below. 


    Then, open Terminal on your MacOS device like in the screenshot below:


    When it opens, text ping [insert the selected server domain] and when it finishes doing so, copy the IP address of the server. 


    Now paste it to the Address bar in the Shadowsocks client and click OK


  10. Click on the Shadowsocks logo at the toolbar, click on Global Mode and then Turn Shadowsocks On. That's it, you are now connected with shadowsocks client! 

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