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How to set up the Shadowsocks protocol on macOS?

This guide will cover the necessary steps of configuring the Shadowsocks manual connection with Surfshark on your macOS device. Shadowsocks can help you connect to Surfshark servers in restricted network countries.


Here are the steps that we will go through:


You will need a macOS device and an active Surfshark subscription to follow along.

Get your Shadowsocks credentials


  1. Please visit surfshark.com and log in to your account. You can find the direct link here.

    In case this link doesn't work, please try this page instead.

  2. Go to VPN -> Manual setup -> Shadowsocks. If you have not activated Shadowsocks yet, please do so by clicking on Activate Shadowsocks.


  3. Now copy the Port and the Password for the Shadowsocks client. You will need these later on in the tutorial.



Select your location


  1. Click on the Locations tab. You will see all Surfshark server locations on this page.

  2. Copy the location you'd like to connect to by clicking on it. 


  3. Open the Terminal application on your macOS device. Once it opens, type in ping [insert the selected server domain], and the Terminal should display an IP address. Copy this IP address for later. 



Install the Shadowsocks client


  1. Visit this page to download the Shadowsocks client for macOS. Click on the marked link to download Shadowsocks .zip file.

    If you can not open this website, click here instead to download the installation folder for the Shadowsocks app. 


  2. Extract the .zip file, and you should see a file called ShadowsocksX-NG. Double-click on it. Proceed with the installation.


Set up the connection


  1. After successful installation, the Shadowsocks client icon should appear in the toolbar above. Click on the icon to open the Shadowsocks client. Once it opens, go to Servers -> Server Preferences…

    Click the Plus(+) sign to add a new server.


  2. Now fill in the New Server fields with the password, port from the Get your Shadowsocks credentials tab, and location IP address from the Select your location tab. 


    The Port field is on the right of the address field. Also, make sure that the Encryption is


    Once you fill in these fields, press Ok.

  3. Tap on the Shadowsocks logo on the toolbar, select Global Mode, and then Turn Shadowsocks On.



Congratulations! You have successfully set up a Shadowsocks connection to Surfshark servers! As long as you’re connected, your location is private, and your sensitive data is secure.



If you have any further questions, our customer success team will help you 24/7 over live chat or email.


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