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How to set up Surfshark smart DNS for PlayStation 4?

           Let's take a look at how you can set up smart DNS on your Playstation. It's a handy method that allows you to use some of the VPN functions on devices where you couldn't normally install a VPN. For example, smart DNS can help you access Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu US streaming libraries from anywhere in the world.


In this guide you will learn how to:

To follow along, you will need a Playstation 4, and an active Surfshark VPN subscription, which you can purchase here (smart DNS is included in the price).



 Find your smart DNS


  1. Firstly, go to this page.

  2. You may need to log in to proceed to this page. In such case, enter your registered email address, then your password, and click Log In.

  3. There you will find your smart DNS addresses.


  4. If you do not see your smart DNS addresses there, most likely you have not activated it yet. Click the Get Started button or follow this tutorial for detailed instructions on how to enable smart DNS on your account.



Set up smart DNS 

  1. Launch your Playstation.

  2. From the home screen of your Playstation, navigate to the Settings tab and press X.


  3.  Choose Network from the settings menu.


  4.  Select Set up Internet Connection.


  5.  If your Playstation is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, click on the Use Wi-Fi tab.

    If it is connected via Ethernet cable, choose the Use a LAN Cable tab.


  6. Select Custom.


  7. Select the name of your current network.


  8. Choose Automatic for IP Adress Settings.


  9.  Do Not Specify the DHCP Host Name.


  10. Select Manual in the DNS Settings section. 


  11. Click on the Primary DNS tab and enter your first Smart DNS address.

    Then press Done and proceed to the Secondary DNS.


  12. Enter the second smart DNS server address and press Done.


  13. Click Next and proceed to the next step.


  14. Set MTU settings to Automatic.


  15. Do Not Use the Proxy Server.


  16. Lastly, restart your PS4 for all changes to be applied.



Congratulations - you have successfully configured smart DNS on your Playstation! You can now enjoy the streaming content of the US region on various streaming platforms.

If you have any further questions, our customer success team is here to help you 24/7 over a live chat or email.

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