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How to set up the Shadowsocks protocol on iOS?

This guide will cover the necessary steps of configuring the Shadowsocks manual connection with Surfshark on your iOS device. Shadowsocks can help you connect to Surfshark servers in restricted network countries.


Here are the steps that we will go through:


You will need an iOS device and an active Surfshark subscription to follow along.

Get your Shadowsocks credentials


  1. Please visit surfshark.com and log in to your account. You can find the direct link here.

    In case this link doesn't work, please try this page instead.

  2. Go to VPN -> Manual setup -> Shadowsocks. If you have not activated Shadowsocks, please do so by clicking on Activate Shadowsocks.


  3. Now copy the Port and the Password for the Shadowsocks client.



Select your location


  1. Click on the Locations tab. You will see all Surfshark server locations on this page.

  2. Copy the location you wish to connect to by tapping on it. 


    Port, password, and domain name are part of the Shadowsocks configuration which you will need in the following steps.


Install Shadowsocks client


  1. Open your App Store and search for an application called Potatso Lite. Tap on the first suggestion that comes up.


  2. Tap on Get to start downloading the application.


  3. Confirm this by clicking the side button twice on the right.


  4. Once the process ends, tap on Open to start the Potatso Lite application.



Set up the connection


  1. Once Potatso starts, tap the Add a Proxy button on the bottom.


  2. On the menu that appears, tap Add under Manual input.


  3. You will see all the requirements for a Shadowsocks setup on this screen. Enter the following information into the fields:


    Type: Shadowsocks;
    Host: Domain name from the "Select your location" step;
    Port: From the "Get your Shadowsocks credentials" step;
    Encryption: AES-256-GCM
    Password: From the "Get your Shadowsocks credentials" step;
    Remark: Create a name for this configuration - you may use any name you wish;

  4. Once you complete the fields, tap Done to save the configuration.


  5. Your new configuration will appear on the list. As it's your first configuration, you can tap the Play button on the bottom-right corner to start a connection.


  6. Your device will ask for your authorization, which will allow Potatso to add VPN configurations. Tap Allow.


  7. To confirm this, you will also need to input either your Apple passcode, Touch ID, or your Face ID to confirm the action, depending on the model of your iOS device.


  8. Your device will connect to a Surfshark server in a moment. In case you wish to disconnect, tap the Stop button on the bottom-right corner.


Make sure your connection was successful


It's always recommended to check whether your connection was successful after setting up a VPN for the first time. This can be easily done by doing an IP leak test and a DNS leak test which is available on our website. Click here to find out how to make sure your connection was successful.


Congratulations! You have successfully set up the Shadowsocks connection to Surfshark servers! As long as you’re connected, your location is private, and your sensitive data is secure.



If you have any further questions, our customer success team will help you 24/7 over live chat or email.


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