What is Surfshark's social engineering course?

Surfshark's social engineering course is a new product created to fill the cybersecurity knowledge gap that no tool will fill. It includes 7 video lessons on social engineering via messages & calls, social media, dating apps, digital banking, emails, traveling apps, and online shopping.

This course is designed to educate and spread awareness about the most prominent, significant threats, edge cases, and how to avoid them. Once you purchase the course, you'll be able to access it for as many times as you like.

Upon release, 5 courses will be available, with 3 more to come in the near future. Not to worry, though, as upcoming courses won't require additional payment.

Here's what you get now:

  • Social engineering in messages & calls;
    In this course, you'll get insights about tax refund scams, investment calls, streaming platform scams, fake parcel delivery messages, & more.

  • Social engineering in social media;
    Here you'll learn how to navigate the social media world, identify scams on various platforms, how to distinguish job scams on Linkedin, social media lotteries, investment scams, account stealing, & more. 

  • Social engineering in digital banking;
    Here we'll go over fake issues with banking services, AI-generated scams, fake banking phone calls, payment issues, & more.

  • Social engineering in emails;
    In this course you'll learn clever techniques for spotting a fake emails and investigate tactics used by scammers. Dive deep into phishing scams, explore fake online meetings, and become a pro at spotting service impersonators. 

  • Social engineering in travelling apps;
    In this part of our social engineering training, you'll learn to distinguish fake rentals and flights, scammy accommodation listings on trusted websites, airlines without licenses, & more.

The upcoming 3 courses:

  • What is social engineering?
    Here, you'll learn how to detect fake retailers, discounts, and messages related to payment issues. 

  • Social engineering in dating apps;
    Explore the main types of scams performed by malicious actors on dating apps, the potential financial and emotional harm they may bring, & more.

  • Social engineering in online shopping;
    This lesson will give you an in-depth summary of all social engineering techniques and terminology used in the course. You'll get a recap of all the tips & tricks with detailed explanations. 

Now you know all about Surfshark's social engineering course.

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