What is Surfshark's social engineering course?

In this article, you will learn all about the Surfshark’s social engineering course.

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  1. What is Surfshark’s social engineering course?
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  3. Why should someone take this course?
  4. What does the online course include?
  5. How long can you access the course?
  6. Will you get a certificate after completing it?


What is Surfshark’s social engineering course?

Surfshark's social engineering course is a new Surfshark online course created to fill the cybersecurity knowledge gap that no tool will fill.

It was crafted with in-depth consultations with Surfshark cybersecurity experts. The materials resemble real-life scams very closely.

The course is narrated by YouTube channel creators: Gvidas from Surfshark Academy and Viktorija from Surfshark Explains.

Who can take this course?

There are no prerequisites for this course, and it is open to anyone over the age of 12.

Why should someone take this course?

This course can be extremely helpful in enhancing one's ability to identify online scams, as they have become more prevalent worldwide. The course covers many scams, including over 100 real-life examples. The more you learn about scams, the less likely you will fall for them.


What does the online course include?

The course includes 7 video lessons, 21 quizzes, 7 downloadable lesson summaries, 4 bonus materials on the anatomy of fake websites, URLs, and emails + a glossary of various social engineering techniques.

Here's what you'll learn about in each lesson:

  • Email scams: basic phishing, meeting invites, "Netflix" emails, company suppliers, boss requests, water company bills, and other email scams.

  • Social media scams: fake recruiter, fake alert, gossip-clickbait, investment (including crypto), and AI deep fake scams.

  • Traveling scams: travel fraud robocalls, free vacations, fake rentals, cancellation discounts, stolen credit card bookings, charter flights, no-license company flights, and airline social media scams.

  • Call and Messaging scams: free tax refunds, investment opportunities, streaming platform fees, AI-generated voice, and other call and text scams.

  • Digital banking scams: smishing, vishing, payments from strangers, 2FA-breach, and other digital banking-related scams.

  • Online shopping scams: fake retailer, discount, delivery, preorder, and other digital shopping scams.

  • Dating apps: learn a bunch about the red flags in dating: suspicious profile photos, extreme and rapid emotional investment, fake videos, requests for money, gaslighting, physical threats, and more.

  • Bonus materials: downloadable PDFs on the anatomy of a fake URL, a phishing email, and a fake website, plus an illustrated guide on social engineering techniques.

How long can you access the course?

Once you purchase the course, you can use the materials indefinitely.

Will you get a certificate after completing it?

After completing the course, which involves reviewing all the videos, answering questions on the quizzes, and opening all the downloadable materials, you'll be eligible to receive an online certificate of completion.

You can share this certificate on your social media platforms as evidence that you've finished the course or download and save it as a PDF file.


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