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Can I use IPTV with Surfshark?

Surfshark works with the majority of IPTV providers.

If you wish to learn more about the IPTV and why you should use a VPN for that, click here.

To watch IPTV with Surfshark VPN you need to:


  • Have IPTV application installed

  • Install Surfshark application to your device (the one that is used for IPTV)

  • Connect to one of our servers. The location does matter, you can connect to locations nearby.

  • Open the IPTV application and watch the content.

What if your IPTV service seems to be not working with Surfshark?

There are lots of different IPTV service providers. Some of them might have a configuration that does not allow using VPN or allows only a specific location. Therefore, if the IPTV app is not working, we suggest trying several different locations in our application. If that does not help, contact your IPTV provider and ask if using VPNs might be an issue.


If the provider confirms that VPN should not be a problem with their IPTV configuration, you can try the following:

  • Uninstall and reinstall the IPTV application

  • Try connecting to several different locations in our application e.g UK, US, France, Italy.

  • Change the default protocol in Surfshark settings. Go to the settings page, click on the Protocol tab and try different protocols - OpenVPN/UDP, OpenVPN/TCP, IKEv2.


If the issue persists, feel free to contact our Customer Support sharks anytime and they will suggest a solution!



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