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Slow speed problems

When you connect to one of our servers, all your traffic flows from your device to our server and only then it reaches the final destination. After that, the requested data is being sent back to you - it goes from the final destination to our server and then to your device. 

This process defines how VPNs work in general. During this process, all your sent and received data is heavily encrypted, therefore you may notice some decrease in your internet speed. 


Normally, speed is not highly affected. However, the internet speed is determined by many other factors, such as the distance between you and the server, number of users on the same server, VPN protocol that is being used, your original internet speed etc. Even if we do not apply any speed or bandwidth limits and keep our servers constantly monitored to maintain the optimal performance, the speed might be affected by other factors.


If you notice that speed is decreased more than it should be, there are several ways to improve it. Default settings on our application are working well in general, but to achieve the best result, you may need to make some minor adjustments on the app. 


To find what adjustments you should try, check our quick tutorials on how to improve the speed on all devices. Choose your devices below.













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