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How to fix website login issues?

If you're having trouble while trying to login to the Surfshark website, here are a few reasons why this could happen:

  • Email that you're trying to login with is incorrect.
    Make sure that you are using the same email that you used to sign up for Surfshark.
  • Password that you're using is incorrect.
    Try resetting your password and login again after that. You can reset it here: https://account.surfshark.com/reset
  • Your IP has been banned due to too many login attempts.
    The ban is removed after 10-15 minutes, so try logging in again. Alternatively, you can try connecting to a different network.
  • You're using VPN or Proxy services that are interfering with the connection.
    In this case, disconnect from these services (this applies to Surfshark too) and try to login again.

If you're still having problems, you can contact our agents by clicking on one of the buttons below.

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