Cannot change Autoconnect / Killswitch / LAN settings on Windows

This article will explain how to fix an issue when you cannot change Autoconnect, Killswitch, LAN settings in the Surfshark app on a Windows device. 


In some sporadic cases, you might not be able to modify specific settings of some features, such as AutoconnectKillswitch, or Invisible to devices (LAN). This issue can happen due to the operating system being unable to process such features within the device.


In case this happens, please try the following suggestions:

  1. First and foremost, restart the Surfshark app. Check whether you can modify those settings afterward;

  2. In case restarting the app did not help, restart your Windows device;

  3. If that also did not seem to help, restore the original settings of the Surfshark application. Open the Surfshark app, go to Settings -> Help -> Diagnostics and click Restore original settings.

  4. In case restoring the app also did not help, reinstall the Surfshark app.



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