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The app couldn't reach Surfshark systems

You may get this error if the connection to the Surfhark servers was interrupted. That might have happened due to restrictions on the network or similar reasons.

Here is what you should try:

  • If you have another VPN running, turn it off;

  • If you are located in a country that has restrictions on internet networks (China, UAE, and some others), refer to this section of our Help Center;

  • Open the Surfshark app, go to Settings -> Advanced and turn on the NoBorders feature;

  • If you have some custom firewall on your network or anti-virus software running on your device, temporarily disable it or make an exception for Surfshark;

  • Open Windows settings and type "proxy" into the search bar. Choose "Change proxy settings".


    Turn off the "Use a proxy server" setting.


  • Reinstall your Surfshark app;

  • Restart your PC;

  • Restart your router.

If solutions above do not help to fix this issue, contact our Customer Success Sharks anytime and they will help you out!


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