The app couldn't reach Surfshark systems

This article will show you possible troubleshooting steps for the app that couldn't reach the Surfshark systems.


Reasons for getting this error message are usually related to connectivity, your current location, or your network. This error message says that there is no way to establish a connection between your device and Surfshark services.


Here is what you can try to fix the issue:

  • Try updating the application. This error mostly occurs due to an outdated version of Surfshark;
  • Make sure that no other VPN service is running at all while using Surfshark;
  • If you are in a country with heavy network restrictions, refer to this article;
  • If you are using a custom firewall or anti-virus application, disable it or make an exception for Surfshark services;
  • Open Windows settings and type proxy into the search bar, and choose Change proxy settings


  • Turn off the Use a proxy server setting.


  • Also, try to reinstall the Surfshark app, and restart your device and your router;


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