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How to set up Enigma2 and Zgemma with Surfshark?

This tutorial will show you how to setup the Enigma2 or Zgemma with Surfshark.

 At first, you will need to get Surfhark service credentials. Those are the credentials, different from the ones that you use to log in to our website or the app.  To find them, go to the login page of our website, here https://account.surfshark.com/  and log in. 

Once you log in, go to Devices -> Manual, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find your service credentials there.


  1. Login to your Surfshark account and download the configuration files from this page: https://account.surfshark.com/setup/manual. You can download either TCP or UDP depending on your needs.


  2. Open the downloaded .ovpn configuration file with your preferred text editor. We recommend using WordPad (built-in Windows text editor) or NotePad++ (third-party text editor).

  3. Add login.txt string next to auth-user-pass line and save the configuration file as client.conf:


  4. Create a new text file login.txt and paste Surfshark service credentials that you have collected in the beginning of this guide.


    First line is a generated username and the second line is a generated password.

  5. Connect to your device through the Telnet and enter the following command:

    opkg install openvpn

    When setup is complete, reboot the device.

  6. Connect to your device through the FTP or SSH, and create a new folder named openvpn in /etc/ path. After that, upload the client.conf and login.txt files to /etc/openvpn folder.

  7. Start the OpenVPN on the Menu >Setup >System >Network >OpenVPN Setup >Press Green To Start OpenVPN.
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