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How to set up VPN on my Smart TV or console?


Usually Smart TVs, Apple TVs, devices like Chromecast, Roku and various video gaming consoles (such as PlayStation, Xbox) do not have the capability to be configured with VPN applications.

However, there are a few ways to keep your internet traffic secure and access restricted content while using them.

Smart DNS (recommended)

If your goal is to access restricted content, then this is  one of the easiest ways to do it. You will simply have to change DNS address on your device to the one provided by Surfshark. It is possible to use Smart DNS on your router, too.

More information about Smart DNS can be found here.

Router setup

Setting up a router can be a bit more complex and not every router can be configured with VPN, however it is an effective method of securing your whole household. Once completed, every device that uses the same router will be secured, including your TV and other devices that do not support VPN.

More information about router setup here.

VPN Sharing from Windows device

With this setup, you would first have to install Surfshark application on Windows device. Also, connection via Ethernet cable is required. After connecting to VPN on Windows and sharing internet from it you will be able to connect to it with your Smart TV like you would connect to your router. To find some more detailed information about it click here.

These three methods are all effective and it is up to you to choose which one will be the best for you. Any questions? We work 24/7, so just drop us a line!

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