How does Smart DNS work?

This article will teach you more about the smart DNS feature and how it works.


Here's how Smart DNS works


  • This feature works by changing the DNS addresses on your device from your local ones to Surfshark’s DNS servers based in the US. These DNS addresses will grant you access to US-based streaming services.

  • It does not change your IP address but changes your DNS addresses.

  • It does not encrypt your data. Therefore, smart DNS is for streaming only and not for security purposes.

  • If the Surfshark VPN app works on your device, you do not need to use smart DNS. The Surfshark VPN app will offer you more functionality on any device. SmartDNS is an alternative option for devices that do not support VPN apps.


How to get started


It’s super easy to get started with smart DNS. Activate it for your account, put it on your TV or console, and enjoy your favorite shows. You can find tutorials on how to set up smart DNS on various devices here.



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