How to set up VPN on my Smart TV or console

In this article, you will learn why you should set up a VPN on your Smart TV or console and how to do that.

Usually, Smart TVs and devices like Chromecast or Roku don’t have native VPN support, so the Surfshark VPN app can not be installed.

However, there are a few alternative ways to enjoy Surfshark services. See the video tutorial above to learn how to set up VPN with Smart DNS, Router, or by sharing VPN from a Windows device.


Explore the pros & cons of each setup below:

  1. Smart DNS
  2. VPN setup on a router
  3. VPN sharing from Windows device



Smart DNS 



  • Easy setup
  • Does not affect streaming speed
  • Available for all devices


  • Limited to the US region only
  • Does not provide VPN security benefits, such as encryption

If your goal is to access streaming content, then setting up Smart DNS is one of the easiest ways to do it. You just need to change the DNS address on your device to the one provided by Surfshark and enjoy the streaming content of the US region. Also, it is possible to set up Smart DNS on your router. Find out how Smart DNS works.

Disclaimer: Please note that using Surfshark services for any illegal activities is strictly forbidden and violates our Terms of Service. Make sure that any use of Surfshark services for your particular activities conforms to all relevant laws and regulations, including those of any service providers and websites you access using Surfshark.

VPN setup on a router



  • Provides VPN protection to all devices that are connected to it automatically


  • Setup process might be quite complicated
  • Affects the connection speed
  • A router has to support a VPN connection

Setting up a VPN on a router is an effective method of securing your whole household. Once completed, every device that connects to the same router via Wi-Fi or cable will be secured, including your TV and any other connected device. However, the process can be a bit complicated. Also, not every router can be configured with a VPN.

Watch the video tutorial above and read more on how to set up a router with Surfshark.


VPN sharing from a Windows device



  • Quick and easy
  • You can choose which devices will be provided with VPN access 


  • You need a Windows device

If you have already installed the Surfshark VPN app on your Windows device, you can share the VPN connection with all other devices at your house. This is a handy method that will easily provide VPN access to any device that has Wi-Fi connectivity. Find out how to set up a VPN-protected Wi-Fi hotspot using Windows.


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