How do trusted networks work?

In this article, we will cover the Trusted Network feature available in the Surfshark application for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. 


The feature cooperates with the Auto-connect feature, as trusted networks will only work with auto-connect enabled. Once you enable auto-connect, a Preference tab will appear on all devices. There you will be able to add or remove trusted networks.


But how do trusted networks work, and what are they? Once you add a network to the trusted networks list, the VPN connection will not be used for the period connected to that particular network. As you have marked the current network as trusted, the application knows that the VPN connection is not required for this network.


Let's say you are out in town on your mobile network, connected to Surfshark. You come back home, and you connect to your home network, which you have added to the list of trusted networks - the VPN will disconnect automatically.


You can add or remove trusted networks by going to the Settings of the Surfshark app, opening the VPN Settings, and enabling the Auto-connect feature. Once Auto-connect is enabled, press the Preferences button, and add a network to the list of Trusted Networks. 



Congratulations! Now you know how trusted networks work and how to add or remove them. 



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