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Do you offer a free trial?

Surfshark offers a 7 day trial on Google Play and Apple App Store.

To get the trial, you need to download Surfshark mobile app from either one of the stores. 

After downloading, open up the app and click Start Free Trial.


Afterward, input the email and password that you wish to use and click Next. With the created Surfshark credentials you can log in to any Surfshark application you want - even the Windows app or Browser extension.


Next, select the plan that you wish to use after the trial period and click Start.


A pop up will appear asking to confirm the subscription. Although you will have to input Credit Card information, you will not get charged if you cancel the subscription within 7 days. You will be able to opt-out of it anytime by yourself.

Click Subscribe to confirm that you accept the terms of service.

That's it - you will automatically be logged in to your account!

Feel free to click How to connect? button to get a quick overview of the basic functions of the app or just click Connect to dive right in! 


If you encounter any difficulties while signing up for the trial, our Customer Success Sharks are online 24/7!

You can contact us through email support@surfshark.com or contact one of our live chat agents on the lower right side of our website.


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