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Make an exception for Surfshark in AVG antivirus settings

Sometimes Anti-virus software might be interfering with VPN background processes and block the connection.

In such situations, the best solution is to make an exception for VPN software - that will prevent it from being scanned and interrupted by anti-virus.

Most decent anti-virus apps have this option, and AVG has it as well. 


Here is how you can make an exception for the whole Surfshark folder.

  1. Launch the AVG app.


  2. Go to the Menu and choose the Settings cog:


  3. Navigate from General settings to Exceptions and click the green Add Exception button.


  4. Click the Browse button. 


  5. Now you will need to navigate to the Surfshark Folder and check it. To find the Surfshark folder, go to This PC -> Windows (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> Surfshark 


    To open a certain folder, you need to click the [+] icon as in the picture below:


  6. Once you navigate to the Surfshark folder, put a tick on it. Click OK.


  7. Now you will automatically go back to the Exceptions page of the AVG app. You will see the list with new exclusion added. You can click the Close button here.


  8. Now reboot your PC for the new adjustment to be applied.

That's it, you have made an exception for the Surfshark software and it will not be interfering with your AVG anti-virus anymore.

If something is not going according to the guide, feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks and the will help you out!

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