How to make an exception for Surfshark in the AVG antivirus settings

In this article, you will learn how to make an exception for Surfshark on the AVG antivirus application.


You will need the AVG antivirus application and an active Surfshark subscription, which you can purchase on our pricing page.

To make an exception for Surfshark in the AVG Antivirus settings, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the AVG app.

  2. Go to Menu and click on Settings.

  3. Navigate from General settings to Exceptions and click Add Exception.

  4. Click the Browse button. 

  5. Navigate to the Surfshark Folder and check it. The default installation is in This PC -> Windows (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> Surfshark 

  6. To open up a folder, you need to click the [+] icon.

  7. Once you navigate to the Surfshark folder, put a tick on it. Click OK.

  8. You will automatically go back to the Exceptions screen, where you will see the Surfshark folder on the list. You can click the Close button here.

  9. Restart your device to complete the procedure.




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