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How to set up Surfshark on a Freebox router?

Follow this guide in order to set up VPN on your Freebox router using OpenVPN client.

At first, please collect your Surfshark credentials and configuration file(s). 

Please note, that for this connection method you will need to use Surfshark service credentials, not the usual ones that you use to log in to the Surfshark website/app. To get them, please log in to your account here.

Click the Devices button.


Scroll down a little until you find the Manual section. Click on it.




Now on this page, you will find all that you need from Surfshark. At the top of the page, you will find configuration files for all our locations. Download the file of your preferred location(s).  You will need to choose between UDP and TCP options. You can just choose the UDP or read more about that here.




Scroll down a little and you will find Surfshark service credentials. You will need those credentials to initiate the VPN connection on your Freebox. You can copy and save them in some easily reachable place, or just keep this page open.




Now, when you have your credentials and configuration file already, let's proceed to the Freebox configuration.

Here are the steps you will need to take:

  1.  To open the interface of your Freebox, open your browser and open this page:

  2.  Log in using your password.

  3.  On the home screen click Paramètres de la Freebox.


  4.  Go to the Mode avancé tab and open the Client VPN


  5.  Open the Applications tab and make sure that the Gestionnaire de télèchargements line is checked.

    Click OK, then Appliquer


  6. Now switch to the Configuration VPN tab


  7.  To create add new VPN profile, click the Ajouter une connexion button


  8.  The configuration page will pop up. Here you will need to enter your credentials (the ones you have collected at the beginning of this tutorial), Surfshark server configuration file and, profile description and VPN type.


    Description: Enter your preferred name that will help you to recognize this specific profile. 

    Type de serveur VPN: OpenVPN

    Nom d’utilisateur: Surfshark service username

    Mot de passe:
    Surfshark service password

    Now click the Parcourir button.


    Navigate to the directory where your downloaded configuration file is stored. Choose it to be added to this OpenVPN profile.


    Save changes.

  9.  Now you will see your newly created OpenVPN profile listed. It is ready to be used but is not connected yet.

    To connect using this profile, choose it in the dropdown menu and click the Appliquer button


  10. The connection is successful if you see the yellow star in front of this new OpenVPN profile.


  11.  To make sure that the connection is active, go to the État de la connexion VPN


  12. You will find connection logs (if you need that) in the  Journal de connexion tab.


That's it, you have successfully configured OpenVPN to run on your Freebox!

If you are having some issues with this setup, feel free to contact our Customer Success sharks anytime!


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