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How to use Whitelister™ for Android


Whitelister™ is an innovative tool that allows you to control your connectivity by choosing what programs and websites to route via VPN and vice versa.

Whitelister™ has two options: route via VPN and bypass VPN. This tutorial will cover how to use them and what they are best used for, so let’s dive in!

Route via VPN

Want to use the VPN only for a specific purpose like streaming? Then this Whitelister™ option is exactly for you! Select one or a few apps/websites that will be routed through a VPN and let all other traffic pass through regularly outside the VPN tunnel.

Please check out the GIF below on how to set up Route via VPN on your Android device for apps and websites.


Bypass VPN


This option is perfect for online banking, which is not recommended with a VPN, or to access your network printer and leave the rest of your device traffic secured with Surfshark. Bypass VPN will do wonders for your local apps and websites that require your true IP!

Take a look at the GIF below to see how to use Bypass VPN option on your Android device.


Note: both features can be disabled by pressing the green slider next to them. That way you don't have to clear the settings you've made and you can use them whenever convenient. 


Make sure to contact our Customer Success Sharks if you have any questions or encounter any issues!

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