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Firefox proxy extension tutorial

Surfshark has a Firefox proxy extension that routes your internet traffic via HTTPS protocol and hides your browser’s IP ensuring its privacy and security.

Firefox extension is lightweight and only covers that browser leaving other apps, including other browsers, untouched. Browser proxy is useful, for example, when you need to hide your real IP for certain websites with Surfshark and don’t want to route the rest of your traffic via VPN.

To begin this tutorial, open the Firefox browser. Then, click here to open the Firefox Add-ons page in another tab. This will lead you straight to the Surfshark Add-on.

Click on +Add to Firefox. A pop up like the one below will appear, press Add to install Surfshark proxy extension.

Now that you can see a grey Surfshark icon at the top-right corner of your Firefox browser, click on it and follow this GIF below that’ll show you how to establish a connection to our servers.9IONg8mCoA.gif

And that’s it! That’s how easy it is to hide your true IP.


Click on the grey gear icon at the top. You’ll find the essentials: the expiration day of your plan, CleanWeb™ feature and a link to our Help Center.

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