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Chrome proxy extension tutorial

If you want secure Web surfing on your Chrome browser, you may download the Surfshark Chrome extension that uses HTTPS protocol. Browser proxy is useful, for example, when you need to hide your real IP for certain websites with Surfshark and don’t want to route the rest of your traffic via VPN.

To start off, you need to open your Chrome browser and click the link below, which will take you to the Chrome web store:


After opening the link, click the Add to Chrome button.


The Surfshark logo will appear on the Toolbar in the top right-hand corner of your browser.


Afterward, click on the Surfshark logo at the top right of your browser and you will be asked to log in.

Log in using your email and password.


You will see the home page of the Surfshark browser extension. 

It shows you the connection status, the Quick connect button, recently used locations and navigation buttons.

If you wish to connect to the nearest (optimal) location, just click the blue Quick connect button.


If you wish to connect to a specific location, go to the locations page (click the Locations button) on the extension.

Here you can choose your preferred location. Just click on the name of location and you will be connected.


Once you get connected to the server, you will see the connection status on the home page.

You are ready to start surfing safely!


There are 2 other buttons on the extension. Here is what they do.


Click on the grey gear icon at the top to access the settings of the extension. You will find the essentials: the expiration date of your plan, an option to change the password, an option to change the language and a link to our Help Center.


Also, there is the CleanWeb button. The CleanWeb is our feature used for blocking ads and malicious links that might pop-on on your browser.

It is your choice if you want to use it.


If you have any questions or troubles setting up the Chrome extension, feel free to write a message to one of our Customer Success Sharks through live chat or email us at support@surfshark.com

Customer Success Sharks are online 24/7!

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