What is auto-connect and how to use it

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about auto-connect.


This feature will save you some time because you won't need to open the Surfshark app and click any button to connect to Surfshark servers.

If you turn on Auto-connect, your device will connect to the VPN as soon as it finds Wi-Fi or ethernet connection on your device. 


The best part about it - you can manually set to which location you want the VPN to connect to automatically. It can be the fastest server, nearest server, a specific country, and city, or even a Static IP or Multi-hop server.

How to use auto-connect?


  1. Open the Surfshark application on any device and go to Settings.

    In this article, we will demonstrate auto-connect on a macOS device, but the procedure is identical on every device.

  2. Select VPN Settings.


  3. First, toggle the Auto-connect switch to the On position. The toggle will light up green when it's active. Then, once auto-connect is enabled, select Preferences.


  4. In the new window, click on the Fastest location. There you can select the server to which you'd like to connect automatically.

  5. Finally, here you can select to which location you want the Surfshark application to connect automatically. There is plenty of options including Static IPs and Multi-hop servers.



Congratulations! Now you know everything about the auto-connect feature, and how to use it!



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