How to log in with code

In this tutorial, you will learn how to log in to your Surfshark application across all platforms with a temporary login code.


  1. Open the Surfshark application on the device you are not logged in to and select the Existing user? Log in button.


  2. Then select Log In With Code.


  3. A special 6-digit code will be presented to you. Keep in mind that you must leave this window open until the login is complete.


  4. Open the Settings tab on the device in which you are already logged in.


  5. Under the My Account tab, select Enter login code.


  6. Enter the code displayed on the device you are trying to log into.


  7. Once the login is complete, you will receive a confirmation about the successful login.



Congratulations! Now you know how to successfully and easily log in with code. We hope this will save you some time and ease the process.



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