How to add the Surfshark widget on Android?


In this tutorial, you will learn how to add and use the Surfshark widget on an Android device. 


The Surfshark widget is convenient, as you don't need to open the Surfshark application if you wish to make changes to your connection!


  1. Tap and hold an empty spot on your device's main screen, in the new pop up select Widgets.


  2. In the new screen, scroll to the bottom until you see the Surfshark tab. Select your preferred widget size out of the two available options.


  3. Click on the Connect button, and you will be connected to the fastest server available. To disconnect - press the disconnect button.



Congratulations! Now you know how to add the Surfshark widget on your iOS device!


If you have any further questions or the suggestions did not help, our customer success team will help you 24/7 over live chat or email. 


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