How to set up the Surfshark browser extension on Edge?

This tutorial will show you how to install and use the Surfshark VPN extension on the Edge browser.


You will learn how to:


Install the extension


  1. Click here to open the download link for the Surfshark VPN extension on Edge. Once there, press the GET button.


  2. In the following pop-up, select Add Extension.


  3. The Surfshark VPN extension will install in a few seconds, and you will see the Surfshark icon at the top row of the Edge browser.

Log into the extension


  1. Click on the Surfshark logo at the top-right corner of your browser, enter your Surfshark username and password, and press Login.




Connect to the VPN


Right after logging in, you will see the homepage of the Surfshark browser extension. It shows the connection status, available locations, and the Connect button.


  1. Tap the Connect or Quick connect button and the Surfshark extension will instantly connect to the fastest server available.


  2. As soon as you connect, the connection status will change to CONNECTED. You can quickly disconnect by tapping the Disconnect button.

  3. On the top-left side of the VPN Dashboard, you will find a list of all available locations. Click on a preferred location to connect to it. You can also choose a Static IP.



Manage features and settings


Open the Settings tab for Settings. The first thing is first - CleanWeb is a smart feature that blocks ads and malicious sites before they can harm you. Use the toggle button to activate this feature. WebRTC prevents websites from using WebRTC to discover your IP and location. You can also set the extension to connect upon launching the browser.



Click on the My Account tab to manage your account. There you can change your password or extend your plan.



Congratulations! Now you know how to set up the Surfshark VPN browser extension on Edge!



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