Can I use the Battery Saver feature while using Surfshark?

In this article, you will learn about the Battery Saver feature and what potential issues it may cause while using Surfshark.


Almost all new Android and iOS devices come with a Battery Saver feature which lets you save battery energy by slowing down or disabling specific processes on your phone. This way, the battery of your phone lasts longer than usual. But is it a good idea to use the Battery Saver feature while using Surfshark? Let's find out!


First of all, you already know that the Battery Saver feature kills or slows down specific processes. This means that it will most likely kill the VPN connection or make it unable to connect to a VPN server. Aside from these two issues, you will most likely have general connection issues if you succeed in connecting.


We highly recommend having the Battery Saver feature disabled while you are securely browsing the internet with Surfshark enabled, so you stay anonymous at all times. However, if saving your battery's life is very important for you, or you're in one of those situations that the five remaining percent of your battery has to get you throughout the day, we might have a solution!


At the moment, this solution is only available for Android users and will let you bypass the battery optimization on the Surfshark application. Follow the steps below to disable battery optimization on the Surfshark app only.


  1. Open the Settings on your device.


  2. In the search field, type in Battery and select Battery Optimization.


  3. Click on Battery Optimization once more.


  4. Click on the Not Optimized button, and from the new menu, select All apps.


  5. Find the Surfshark application in the list, and click on it.


  6. Lastly, select the Don't optimize option and click Done.



Congratulations! Now you know how the Battery Saver feature works and how to bypass the feature on the Surfshark application.


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