How to configure custom DNS on a macOS device

This guide will show you how to edit, add, or remove the DNS settings on your macOS device.


  1. Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock, or choose Apple menu > System Preferences.


    Then navigate to the Network section.


  2. Select the network you wish to configure your DNS on. In this case, you will be configuring the main Wi-Fi networks' DNS. After selecting the network, click on Advanced...


  3. In the new window, select the DNS section. After that you will be able to add ( + ) or remove ( - ) DNS entries. Click on + to add your DNS entries.


  4. To edit a DNS entry, double-click on the DNS address and you will be able to change it. If you want to remove it, select the DNS address by clicking on it once and then clicking the  -  sign.


    Here are the DNS addresses you can try: 

    Surfshark addresses: and

  5. Now click OK in the Network window and then click Apply


Congratulations - you have successfully set up custom DNS on your macOS device! 



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