How to connect manually using Surfshark Windows app?

You can find a new function in your Surfshark app - a manual VPN connection. This function is available on the Surfshark app version 2.6.3 and later.

Connecting to the Surfshark servers this way will be beneficial if you are connected to a restricted network (hotels, airports, schools, etc.) or having some connectivity issues when using the regular connection method.


Here is how you can connect to the Surfshark servers using the manual connection on your Surfshark app for Windows.


  1.  Launch the Surfshark app and click Log in.


  2. Click Manual connection


  3. You will need to get the hostname of your preferred Surfshark server and service credentials for the manual connection.

    You will find those on the Surfshark website. Just click the Get credentials button in your Surfshark app and you will be sent to the required page on the website. Log into the website if you will be asked to.


    Once you log in to the website you will find the list of all servers. Under each flag, you will see the hostname of this server. You will need to enter this hostname in order to connect to this server, so copy it.


    Click on the Credentials tab on top of the page and you will find Surfshark service credentials that you will need for manual connection.


  4. Enter all the required details:

    Username: Surfshark service username (from step 3)

    Password: Surfshark service password (from step 3)

    Hostname / IP: Hostname or the IP address of the server you want to connect to (from step 3)

    Protocol: You can leave the default option or choose your preferred one (OpenVPN UDP or OpenVPN TCP)

    Port: if you choose to use the OpenVPN protocol, you will be asked to choose a port.

    For OpenVPN (UDP) use port 3433

    For Open (TCP) use the port 8443

    Click Connect.


  5. You will see the connection status in the next window.


Great, you have connected to the Surfshark server!

Follow this article to make sure the connection was established successfully. 


If you have any trouble setting up the app or connecting to a server, feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks via live chat on our website or email.


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