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There are two ways to use 2FA - through your email address or the authenticator app. An email address code will only work for the current login attempt, while the code on the authenticator app will reset every 60 seconds. To set up 2FA on your account, follow this guide.


Using your email address for 2FA authentication will send you a new code each time you attempt to log into the Surfshark website or the Surfshark app. Open your email, and you should see a recent letter containing your current 2FA authentication code. 




Afterward, you can use this code to log into the website. Click on Verify once you input the code.




If you are logging into the Surfshark application, a prompt will look very similar. Input the 2FA authentication code and click on Verify.




If you are using an authentication app like Google Authenticator or Authy, use the code you see on the app for logging into either the Surfshark website or the app.




The authentication code input procedure is identical to the email procedure, and the main difference is that you receive a code from an app instead of an email.  



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