Surfshark mini mode on Windows

With the Surfshark app's recent updates, you may have noticed that the Mini mode is no longer available. It was replaced with Surfshark’s fully functional system tray app.


If you're not sure what the system tray on your Windows is, it's the small box at the end of your desktop toolbar where various applications and processes appear so you could access them faster.


You can open the system tray by clicking the white arrow at the end of the toolbar. Likely you will see Wi-Fi, anti-virus, and some other icons stored there. Here’s how to use Surfshark’s system tray app (an alternative to the Mini mode).


  1. At first, for the Surfshark app to appear on the system tray, you will need to start the Surfshark app. Once Surfshark is running, you can close the main app window. A gray Surfshark icon will show up in the system tray.


  2. For your convenience, you can click and drag it to the toolbar.


    This way, it will be accessible even quicker.


  3. If you right-click once on this icon, the minimized Surfshark app will show up. By default, you will only see the button to connect to the fastest server. However, below you will find an option to personalize your minimized app. Click on Personalize.


  4. Now you will see a list of settings/features that you can import to your minimized app. Check the box on the right of your chosen functions and click Save.


  5. For example, you can import the list of recent locations, also the Kill Switch and Auto-connect features. Click Save.


  6. Your chosen features (in our case, these are Recent locations, Kill Switch, and the Auto-connect) will now appear on the minimized app.


  7. When you connect to one of Surfshark’s servers, the Surfshark icon will turn green, indicating that you have successfully connected.


    If you click the underscore, the app will return to the system tray.


    If you click the square, you will open the full-size Surfshark app.


    Lastly, if you click the
    X, the app will close and stop running.



Congratulations! You have learned how to use an alternative method to the Surfshark Mini mode!



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