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Set up Surfshark VPN on Asus Merlin router

  1. At first, you will need to get Surfshark service credentials. Those are the credentials, different from the ones that you use to log in to our website or the app.  To find them, go to the login page of our website here and log in. 

    Once you log in, go to VPN -> Manual setup -> Router and select the Credentials tab. You will find your service credentials there.


  2. On the same page where credentials are, you will find configuration files of all our servers by clicking Files tab on top. Choose your preferred location and download the file.


  3. Choose the UDP protocol, unless you prefer TCP.


  4. Log in to your Asus Merlin router.

    Usually, you will log in using details above. If that is not the case, check the back of the router or the users manual to find the default IP address and credentials.

    Default router IP address:

    Username: admin

    Password: admin


  5. Go to Advanced Settings -> VPN


  6. Go to VPN Client tab (OpenVPN Clients in some Merlin versions).

    Click the OpenVPN button on the right side of the page.


  7. Click Choose File.


  8. Navigate to the Downloads folder on your PC, choose the file that you have downloaded in 2nd step and click Open.


  9. Click the Upload button to insert the configuration file.


  10. Set all settings as in the picture below.

    Click Apply.


  11. Turn the Service state switch from OFF to ON.


    Great, you have successfully connected to the Surfshark server!

    If something is not going according to the tutorial, feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks and they will help you out!
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