What is IPv6?

IPv6 is a version of the Internet Protocol. Internet protocols identify devices so all of them can have contact. 

At the moment, IPv4 is the most prominent Internet Protocol. All of the current online services and websites are using it and require IPv4 support from the users. However, IPv4 is running out of possible address combinations. Therefore, IPv6 is here to replace IPv4 once that happens. Fortunately, that will not happen anytime soon.

Surfshark does not support IPv6 addresses yet.


Therefore, if an IPv6 address is forcibly appearing on your network, Surfshark cannot cover it. In most cases, Surfshark will do its best to protect you from an IPv6 leak. However, there is a chance that your IP may leak when using IPv6 with Surfhark.

So, once you connect to a VPN, we recommend ensuring your VPN connection is successful.

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