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How to set up OpenVPN Client on Android

By following this guide, you will set up OpenVPN connection on your Android device with no hassle.

  1.  First, download Surfshark OpenVPN configuration files from here. The flags represent countries where the servers are located. You can also use the recommended server to connect to the best location for you.


  2.  The configurations will download as a .zip file. Extract these files to any directory.

  3.  Open Google Play Store, and download OpenVPN Connect client. You can get it here.


  4.  After installing the OpenVPN Connect client, launch it, and select OVPN Profile.


  5. Click on the menu which is at the top-left corner of the application. 
  6. The list of folders will appear. Open the folder with the extracted files. Afterward, you will be able to click on import in the top-right corner.



  1. You can name the Title the way you prefer. For Username and Password, you have to use service credentials from the Credentials tab of this page.


  2. After you add the profile, click on it to connect. You may be prompted to agree that you trust the service, if so - do not hesitate to accept it.


  3. After you establish a connection, the status will turn green.

  1. To make sure your connection is secure you can follow the steps on this page.

You are now successfully connected to OpenVPN protocol. Wish you safe surfing with the sharks!


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