Can I set up Surfshark on Linksys router?

In short, Linksys router firmware doesn't support Surfshark.

Usually, we recommend downloading our apps to ensure the best performance & security and straightforward setup. We currently offer Surfshark apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Fire TV.

But if you wish to have Surfshark VPN on your Linksys router, you can set it up using the OpenVPN protocol to connect our remote servers. Original Linksys firmware does not offer this functionality. However, you can work around it by installing custom firmware that supports OpenVPN protocol like DD-WRT or Tomato.

NOTE: Flashing your router incorrectly can damage your router and make it unusable. If you flash your router, do it at your own risk.


  1. Not sure if your router supports DD-WRT firmware? Check out the DD-WRT Router Database.

  2. If you’re unsure if your Linksys router supports Tomato firmware, check the Tomato-supported Linksys routers list. Follow the Tomato Firmware/Installation and Configuration guide to install this firmware on your router.

  3. If you’re interested in installing other firmware, such as Advanced Tomato, check out the list of all routers that support Advanced Tomato. There is a detailed HOW TO guide on the Downloads page for every router.



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