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How to set up OpenVPN on Windows


You can set up an OpenVPN connection on your Windows device by using OpenVPN GUI

It is a free open-source program that helps you connect to Surfshark servers using the OpenVPN protocol. This application is supported by Windows XP and above.

Please note that we recommend downloading our apps to ensure the best performance & security, as well as the easiest setup. You can instantly surf the digital waters safely with our app for Windows!

This guide will help you establish a secure OpenVPN connection to Surfshark servers.

  1. To begin with, you have to download the OpenVPN GUI application. If you are using Windows 7 or above you can download it here.

    If you are using Windows VISTA or older, you would have to use this version instead.

  2. Once the download is complete, install the OpenVPN GUI by following the setup wizard.


  3. After a successful installation, download our OpenVPN configuration files which you can get from this page. You will need to log in and scroll down a bit to see all of the available configuration files. You can either download the configuration files for a single location by hovering over the selected country or download all of our server configurations.

  4. You will download a compressed folder, so you will need to extract it. This can be done by clicking the Extract tab in the opened window. Once prompted, select it to extract to C:\Users\User\OpenVPN\config.

    Please note that the User in C:\Users\User\OpenVPN\config can be different when using a personalized PC. You should change it to the name of the user you are currently logged in as.


    If your permission is required to extract the files to this folder, click Continue to proceed.


  5. Now double click the OpenVPN icon on your desktop to run it. The application will launch minimized and you will be able to locate it in the system tray located in the bottom right corner of your screen.


  6. Right-click the OpenVPN GUI icon in the system tray, hover your mouse on one of the servers and click connect.


  7. A prompt will come up asking you to enter your username and password, use the service credentials provided at the bottom of the page here.



    Note: service credentials are different from the ones you regularly use to log in to the Surfshark account page or Surfshark applications. If you are getting an Auth_Failed error, most likely you are not using the correct pair of credentials!


  8. In a few seconds, the connection window will disappear and the OpenVPN GUI icon in the system tray will turn green.


That’s it! Happy surfing!

If something is not working or you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks anytime - they will help you out!

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