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What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction with our Services is our main goal. If you choose not to use our paid Services anymore, we guarantee you a right to claim a refund within 30 days following your subscription to our Services. You can get a refund for the cancelation of our Services twice. If you already have been granted a refund once, you can get the second refund if the period between both cancellations for which you claim refund is not less than 6 months. If you purchase our Services again after the second refund, you will not be granted a refund for any further cancellation.


You can view Surfshark Terms of Service here. Section 4 on the Terms of Service page describes the payment and refund policy in detail.


Please contact our customer support department via email at support@surfshark.com or via live chat to cancel your account and get back the money paid for our services.



If you have any further questions, our customer success team will help you 24/7 over live chat or email.


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