I need to change the registration email. How can I do that?

To do so, please email us at support@surfshark.com from your registered Surfshark email with the following information.

Note: we will request your payment details to confirm your identity, and protect your account from possible unauthorized changes.


  • current registered email address;
  • the new email address you wish to replace the current one;
  • payment date;
  • payment amount;
  • payment type (Credit/debit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Crypto);

    PayPal - If the payment was made via PayPal, please provide the 9-digit reference number and your PayPal email address.

    Credit Card - If the payment was made via credit card, please provide the last 4 digits of your credit card, credit card type, and credit card expiry date.

    CoinPayments - If the payment was made via CoinPayments, please provide the Payment ID.

    Google Play Store - If the payment was made via Google Play Store, please provide the order number, starting with GPA.

    Apple - If the payment was made via Apple/App Store, please provide a screenshot of the payment receipt.

    Other payment methods - If the payment was made through the Sofort, Ideal, Alipay, or other payment providers, please attach a screenshot of the transaction statement.

Once our support team receives your email, they will reply confirming that the email change has been successful.


Keep in mind that the email change request will not be completed if any requested data is missing or skipped.



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